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We're excited to work with you, but we also know it's not a good idea to pay for a service without knowing what you'll get. Check out the information below to see just a few of the aspects we're guaranteed to cover with a Developmental Edit.



From analyzing if your opening is gripping or not, to comparing your story's uniqueness within your genre, a big picture critique strives to give you our first impressions as a reader and our suggestions as editors. If your story is easy to read or seems lagging, then you're going to find out.



With any story you need to know not only if your main character is believable, but also if they're likable. But that's not all. We want to examine how fast or slow character development occurs, if the antagonist's goals are realistic, and even how varied your characters are from one another. 



The plot of a book can get away from you quickly if you're not careful. Our look at dynamics includes checking for plot consistency, questioning subplots, looking at scene relevancy, and even considering the solidity of setting.



A great storyteller can still be a bad writer, so we'll focus a lot on your writing strengths and areas to improve. Often these are the aspects which are hardest to see in your own work. We'll look for filtering and hammering effects, dialogue, descriptions, sense usage, and for certain the all important voice of your story.

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