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Every Two Step Approach Package includes:

  • Thoughtful feedback from both Margaret and Sid, each offering the viewpoint of an editor, critique partner, and beta reader.

  • Openly disclosed prices. No haggles, no wondering.

  • Practical pointers for not only the submitted material, but also suggestions and advice which can be applied to your future works.

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Developmental Edit

Oh yeah, here's the big dog. Your entire manuscript. Page after page of epic awesome usually mixed in with some clunky junk. Problem is, when you're the author the two start to blend together. Great descriptions can morph into a slow pace. That dark, brooding character with all the facial scars has turned into a cliche. Any of this sounding familiar?

If you're ready, if your book is ready (meaning the manuscript is complete), then it might be time to throw your baby to the wolves and see how well it can fight.

This is where we help you see where your beats and dialogue tags may need some spicing up, where plot might work better with an unexpected turn, or we remind you that we want to FEEL what your character is experiencing so we can be a part of your story. While the feedback given here won't be in the form of detailed line edits, feel free to contact us if that's what you're looking for.

Not sure? Learn more about What To Expect.

The Two Step Price: $375, your entire manuscript up to 120,000 words, two-month turnaround.

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Line Edit

The blood, the sweat, the tears have all gone into your manuscript already. You've edited, rewritten, ripped characters kicking and screaming from the page, and polished this book once and for all. But, suddenly you find yourself wishing someone could go line by line and point out things that keep getting missed. Here's your chance to really take your manuscript through the wringer and make it shine.

With a full Line Edit, you get two more sets of eyes on your work, line by line. And we're not kidding. Every line will be proofread to make sure there aren't dropped or repeated words, missing commas, misspellings, etc. If you're at the stage where you're ready for someone to nit pick your words, then a Line Edit is for you.

Caution: What we won't do is rewrite sentences, add details, create dialogue, etc. This is for those books you are certain are finished. If you aren't sure it's all done, then we recommend purchasing a Developmental Edit as well. 

The Two Step Price: ranges from $500-$1000 depending on book length, three-month turnaround. (Please contact us for books over 100K words.)

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