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Our mission:

To enrich the writing lives of fellow authors through fair and honest critiques meant to strengthen current works in progress as well as enhance writers' skills for future works.

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critique service

What makes Two Step 


We're critique partners with fifteen years of experience workshopping both agented and unagented writers, published and unpublished authors from beginners to advanced.

From queries and synopsis edits to full manuscripts, we've been on both sides of the revision process and see the value in tightening your current work in progress while honing your craft to write better future first drafts.

Isn't it time to expect more from a critique and editing service?

What you




Instead of receiving feedback from one editor regarding one story, query letter, or synopsis, we offer commitment from two experienced individuals with different perspectives on everything from your writing process (strengths and weaknesses) to your story's plot, pacing, dialogue, characterization, and themes. 


In addition, we aren't afraid to offer a beta reader's input on what your story is like from the other side of the page. 






Step Approach

Why waste time and money trying out a writing service only to find you and that one hired editor don't see eye to eye? Isn't it time to expect more from a critique and editing service?


By using the Two Step Approach, you're reaching your goals quicker with two sets of eyes on your work in the same time frame, smarter because Two Step offers insight for the immediate and long term, and easier since you're offered guidance with an understanding that all choices are ultimately yours to make.


— Catherine Jordan, SEEKING SAMIEL

"I wish you were my editors for all my projects! And my short stories."

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